He thinks his big brother is pretty cool

Charlie sure thinks Samuel is super cool!  I sure hope these boys grow up being best friends and love to be together often!  They keep every day busy, loud, crazy and fun!  Wouldn't trade it for anything!

Aren't they so cute

I know I only have a couple more years where I can dress them alike so I decided to capitalize on this Sunday morning.  Charlie is definitely in the "don't take a picture of me" phase and Samuel is in the "smile as big and crazy as you can" phase, so picture taking is quite the challenge!  

Halloween Dress Up Adult Style

Ryan and I went to an adult party the night after halloween for our friend Stephanie's birthday.  We have a friend that owns this Chewbacca costume so I made a Princess Leia dress and we had so much fun!  I may be blonde, and not have as much hair, but it worked and everyone was super impressed (more so with Ryan than me, but so am I!)

Happy Halloween with our Friends

 Ben is always so sweet to Henry and it was fitting that they were both astronauts.  Ben was such a sweet buddy to Henry the whole night, he kept telling Henry that he would protect him from the dark!

Pumpkin Carving

Samuel asked for about 2 weeks when we would get to carve the pumpkin.  Well the day came and he was over the moon.  He and Ryan drew out their idea on a paper and then began to cut.  Samuel was very concerned about getting his hands dirty, but after daddy made it extremely cool to get your hands in there he was all about it!  So proud of his work!

Happy 1st Birthday Henry

We had a fun small family moment at home celebrating this happy boy!  Henry has certainly added so much to our family. He loves to giggle, dance, crawl everywhere, and his brothers really love him!  He had no problem digging into his monster cupcake.  I think he had consumed it in about 1 minute!

Fall Festival

The kids love the fall festival at church.  Samuel has been talking about being "No Noggin" from Curious George, so I pulled my creative juices together and made it happen.  Charlie was thrilled to be batman (thanks to Samuel's pajamas) with a "cate" (cape).  And Henry was ready for blast off as the cutest astronaut ever!  We had a blast!